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The Type 99 is a Chinese 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank in service with the Peoples Liberation Army. The Type 99 is a further development of the earlier Type 98 and Type 98G Tanks.

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Type 99 Tank Images Gallery 2

The Type 99 uses the same hull of the Type 98/Type 98G and has a new turret, which lacks the raised dome section between the Commanders and Gunners hatches of the Type 98/Type 98G turret. Read More …

Development of the Type 99, based on the Type 98G started in 1999. First deliveries of the Type 99 to the Peoples Liberation Army started in 2001. The exact number built isnt know, with some Western sources stating 80 as off 2007 and Chinese Blogging Sites saying several hundred. Development and production has now swapped to the more advanced Type 99A Main Battle Tank.

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