Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle rear

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle rear

The German Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, is a former replacement project for the Marder 1 IFV.

Project development began in 1984 and it was planned that 1000 vehicles would be purchased for the former West German Bundeswehr from 1997 to 2001.

With the eventual re-unification of West and East Germany, the eventual easing of relations with Russia and the projected costs, the Marder 2 was dropped in 1992.

instead, the Marder 1 was further upgraded and eventually replaced by the Puma IFV SPz.

1 prototype was built, which now resides at the Military Engineering Collection Koblenz.

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Development

The initial Bundeswehr requirements for the Marder 2 was the ability to transport x7 troops, improved protection, a stabilized main gun for effective firing-on-the-move and equal mobility of the Leopard 2 Tank.

German company Krauss-Maffei (now KMW) were awarded the contract for development and production of the first prototype, now known as “VT 001”.

This was delivered for trials in 1991 and proved a popular vehicle, despite exceeding the required combat weight. The Marder 2 IFV project was cancelled in 1992, citing many reasons, none of the them relating to issues with the design.

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Firepower

The cannon of the Marder 2 is the German MK 35/50 mm Rh 503. It uses a universal breach and mount. It has 2 barrels: 35mm bore and 50mm bore. Only 1 barrel can be mounted at a time by screwing it in to the breach.

It has x2 ammunition belt feeds for AP and HE, which can be selected by the Gunner using a switch. Rates of fire are estimated at 400 rounds per minute for the 35mm and 177 rounds are stored plus 110 in reserve.

The Gunners sight had a thermal channel and laser range finder with an effective range of 2000m. The spent round cases are ejected through x2 ports above the cannon in the mantlet.

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Protection

The armored protection of the Marder 2 was rated to withstand a 30mm AP round frontally and a 14.5mm round at all other angles. This was achieved through modular passive armor bolted on to the hull and turret which were constructed with steel.

 Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Mobility

The Marder 2 was powered by a German MT 881, 8 cylinder diesel engine by MTU. This provided the Marder 2 the necessary power to keep pace with the Leopard 2 Tank off-road.

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Layout

The Mk 35/50 was mounted in a x2 man turret (Gunner and Commander) located in the middle of the hull. The engine was located in the front left side of the hull, with the Drivers station on the right. The vehicles rear served as the troop section, with 2 doors for dismounting and a number of vision blocks mounted in the hull sides for situational awareness.

Marder 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Specifications

Main Gun MK 35/50 mm Rh 503
Secondary Weapons 5.56mm MG?
Ammunition Storage ?
Engine MT 881, 8-cylinder diesel
Transmission ?
Top Road Speed 72 km/h
Suspension Type ?
Road Range ? km
Fuel Capacity unknown
Vertical Obstacle ?m
Water Capability Fording ?m
Trench Crossing ?m
Gradient ?%
Side Slope ?%
Length Gun Forward n/a
Length Hull 7.31m
Width 3.48m
Height 3.05m
Ground Clearance ?m
Weight 43 tonne (Combat)
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Modular, Passive
Active Protection Systems No
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried 7


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