CV90 Armadillo APC

CV90 Armadillo APC

Developed by BAE Systems Hägglunds, the CV90 Armadillo is the latest build standard for the CV90 (Combat Vehicle 90) Fighting Vehicle Family.

It features an increased payload and modularity over the existing CV90, which it shares many components with, thus reducing its logistical requirements.

It has done away with the CV90’s traditional 2 man crewed turret and replaced it with a Remote Weapon Station, further enhancing its payload capability.

CV90 Armadillo Description

The Armadillo layout is almost identical to the older CV90, the Driver is located in the front left of the hull, with the engine bay to his right. The vehicle Commander is stationed in the middle of the hull (left side) in the main vehicle compartment, which then extends to the hull rear. A third crewman (depending on vehicle variant) is seated to the right of the Commander.

Whilst the Armadillo is capable of being fitted with an additional 8 tonnes of passive modular armor, it s marketed with the Saab LEDS150 “Hard Kill” Active Protection System. This offers a highly effective level of protection against a multitude of ATGM and weight saving alternative to bar (cage) armor.

BAE Systems Hägglunds have also stated that the Armadillo could be fitted with their new ADAPTIV camouflage technology. All of this combined, makes the Armadillo the most highly protected tracked APC in NATO.

The Armadillo is powered by a new Scania 810hp diesel engine. It features an improved suspension system and new rubber tracks. These not only lower the vehicle overall noise, but also vibrations reducing the crews/occupants fatigue.

The Armadillo features BAE Systems Lemur Remote Weapon Station. In the standard APC role, this is fitted with a 7.62mm Machine Gun. In the Infantry Fighting Vehicle role, this has been photographed with the 30mm M230 auto-cannon.

CV90 Armadillo Variants

CV90 Armadillo IFV Variant with 30mm Cannon

CV90 Armadillo IFV Variant with 30mm Cannon

BAE Systems market the Armadillo in the following variants:

⦁ Infantry Fighting Vehicle
⦁ Ambulance
⦁ Mortar
⦁ Armoured Personnel Carrier
⦁ Command & Control
⦁ Logistics
⦁ Support
⦁ Recovery

CV90 Armadillo Operators

Unveiled in 2010, the Armadillo was delivered and trialled in Denmark during 2013. Clearly visible is the added roof on the crew section of the vehicle, a total of 5 vehicles were delivered. The status of any follow on contract is not clear and the Danish BAE website still offers no further information.

CV90 Armadillo Specifications

Main Gun 7.62mm MG or 30mm auto-cannon
Elevation -? to +?
Secondary Weapons n/a
Ammunition Storage x? 30mm, x? 7.62mm
Engine Scania 810hp Diesel
Transmission Perkins X300 Series x4 speed forward/x2 reverse?
Top Road Speed 70 km/h+
Road Range 600km+
Fuel Capacity 525 litres?
Vertical Obstacle 1m?
Water Capability 1.4m?
Trench Crossing 2.4m?
Gradient 60%?
Side Slope 40%?
Length Gun Forward ?m
Length Hull ?m
Height ?m
Ground Clearance ?m
Weight ?kg aka ? tonne combat
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Steel/Passive Modular
Active Protection Systems Yes
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried 7

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CV90 Armadillo