Type 62 Tank Images: Type 62

Type 62 Tank Images listed by Type 62 model categories. These are the Type 62, Type 62-I and Type 62G Chinese light tank pictures.

The initial Type 62 Light Tank production model was accepted into PLA service in 1962 and production began in 1963.

Type 62 Tank Images: Type 62-I

The Type 62-I (aka WZ-131A) was the first major upgrade of the Type 62 tank. It had a number of upgrades, most noticeable is the Laser Range Finder mounted above the main gun, shield mounted around the 12.7mm Machine Gun mounted on the Loaders hatch and smoke grenade launchers on either side of the turret front.

Some were also spotted later on with side skirts on the hull and a storage rack on the turret.

Type 62 Tank Images: Type 62G

The Type 62G was the most modern model of the Type 62. It had a new welded turret constructed of flat angled panels. The 85mm main gun was replaced with a new 105mm Main Gun, which can be identified by its Fume Extractor in the middle of the barrel. A new vertical stabilization system, modern fire-control system, and night vision equipment was also installed as standard.

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