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Type 59 Tank Images: Type 59

Type 59: Entered production in 1958, but without the IR searchlight of the Soviet T-54A.

Category: Type 59-I

Type 59-I: Entered service in 1979, with a laser rangefinder (was mounted on the front of the turret), power-assisted steering, automatic fire suppression system, and track skirts. Its FCS and armour was changed/modified several times. It mounted a new 100mm rifled main gun.

Category: Type 59-II

Type 59-II Entered production in 1982 ending 1985 and was equipped with a copy (type 79) of the British L7 105mm main gun. Other improvements include new radio and fire suppression system. It was also equipped with a new 580hp diesel engine.

Category: Type 59-IIA

Type 59-IIA: Addition of a thermal sleeve.

Category: Type 59D

Type 59D: This is an upgrade package for the PLA’s existing Type 59 fleet that focused on improvements of firepower and protection, the package was fitted from 1995 onwards by 617 Factory. See separate page for full details

Category: Type 59 120mm Smoothbore

Category: Type 59G

Type 59G: Added modular armor to original turret. 125mm smoothbore main gun

Category: Jaguar Tank

Type 59 Jaguar: Joint American and Chinese export upgrade

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