The T-15 Armata (aka Object 149) is a new Russian Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Using the same Universal Chassis as the T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank, it was officially unveiled to the world’s media on the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade.

T-15 Armata

T-15 Armata

It is referred to as the “BMP T-15” by the manufacturer, Uralvagonzavod.  The universal chassis has been reversed when compared to the T-14 so has a different layout. The engine is located at the front, the x3 man crew are located behind it in a compartment joined to the infantry troop section in the back. They exit the vehicle through a door in the rear, which can also be used as a ramp.

Located above the troop section is a “Bumerang-BM” unmanned turret with a 30mm auto cannon, 7.62mm Coaxial MG and on either side are x2 Kornet ATGM launch tubes.

T-15 Armata Firepower

T-15 Armata Infantry Fighting Vehicle Turret

T-15 Armata Infantry Fighting Vehicle Turret

The T-15 uses an unmanned turret called the “Bumerang-BM” as used on the new Russian Kurganets-25 IFV, however it is not fitted with all the equipment found on the Kurganets-25, but both have the same firepower and internal layout (i.e. storage magazines etc). The turret is fitted with both a Commanders and Gunners sight with multi-channels (Day/Thermal), tracking capability and the ability to fire ATGM in fast succession to destroy ERA with a second missile to penetrator the exposed armor.

The T-15 primary weapon is the 2A42 30mm auto-cannon with a coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun. Its Anti-Tank Capability is a pod mounted on both sides of the turret, each fitted with x2 Kornet ATGM launching tubes. The turret stores 550 rounds of ammunition and has dual feeds so is capable of firing 30mm AP and HEI rounds.

T-15 Active Protection Systems

T-15 Armata Active Protection Systems

T-15 Active Protection Systems

The T-15 uses the same Active Protection System as the T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank, but both systems components are mounted on both sides of the hulls.

The hard kill system launching tubes used to fire projectiles at ATGM & HEAT rounds, are located hull sides.

Traversable NII Stali (manufacturer) Upper Hemisphere Protection Complex launchers re located hull sides. Described by the manufacturer as “The principle of operation is based on the detection of complex precision-guided munitions flew, striking the upper hemisphere, and the disruption of its guidance system or a powerful electromagnetic pulse, or the creation of securable multispectral aerosol cloud of false and IR purposes”.

T-15 Armata Armor

The T-15’s Active Protection Systems are the vehicles first line of defence. The second line is its armor. The vehicle employes various armor types to offer high levels of protection over the frontal arc, full length of its hull sides and roof.

The hull is constructed of a special hardened steel. The sides of the hull are covered in replaceable modular blocks, each containing some form of composite armor. These are marked in green for all armor images. The sides of the engine do not require the same level of protection and in order for the exhaust gases to leave the exhaust a shelter is constructed of armor plate, which is marked as blue in all the armor images. The red represents an area of Explosive Reactive Armor blocks with a strong chance of composite behind it, which is now being called “module” in Russia, just like on the T-14 and BMPT Terminator 2. The turret roof around the crew hatches and above the infantry section has ERA.

T-15 Crew

The T-15 is operated by a 3 man crew located in the centre of the vehicle behind the engine compartment. The driver is located on the left, the Commander to his right and the Gunner behind the Commander. Each have their own hatches. The driver has 3 periscopes in his hatch, whilst the Gunner and Commander have a cupola with several periscopes.

T-15 Images

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 T-15 Specifications

Main Gun  2A42 30mm auto cannon
Secondary Weapons  x4 Kornet ATGM and 7.62mm Coaxial MG
Ammunition Storage  x500 30mm, x4 ATGM and x2000 7.62mm
Engine  1200hp A-82-2 turbocharged Diesel
Transmission  Unknown
Top Road Speed  70km/h (Estimated)
Suspension Type  Torsion
Road Range  550km (Estimated)
Fuel Capacity  Unknown
Vertical Obstacle  Unknown
Water Capability  Unknown
Trench Crossing  Unknown
Gradient  Unknown
Side Slope  Unknown
Length Gun Forward  N/A
Length Hull  9.5m +
Width  4.8m including exhaust armor
Height  3.5m
Ground Clearance  Unknown
Weight  40+ Tonne
NBC Protected  Unknown
Armor Type  Modular / Composite / Explosive Reactive Armor
Active Protection Systems  Yes – Screening and Hard Kill System
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried 9