Strv 122 Tank

The Strv 122 Tank

The Strv 122 Tank (Stridsvagn) is the current Main Battle Tank of the Swedish Army and is aka Leopard 2S. Though described as a Leopard 2A5, it is the most heavily armored Leopard 2A5 and more closely resembles the Leopard 2A6EX tank in terms of protection.

It is also the only Leopard 2 Tank to be fitted with the French  GALIX smoke grenade launcher system.

The Strv 122 was first delivered to the Swedish Army in 1996. Since then a number of upgraded versions have been proposed or accepted in to service, such as the Strv 122B and Strv 122B+. Sweden currently has 42 active Strv 122 in 3 companies.

Strv 122 Tank Development

Sweden had initially leased 160 surplus Leopard 2A4 from Germany in 1994. These vehicles were designated the Strv 121. In the same year an additional 120 Leopard 2A5 were purchased as part of a $770,000,000 deal, which included the leased Strv 121.

The first 20 Strv 122 were built-in Germany by KMW and delivered to the Swedish Army in 1996. The remaining 100 vehicles were built under licence at BAE Systems AB (formerly Hägglunds) who completed production in 2002.

Strv 122 Tank Upgrades


Strv 122 Tank Armor Upgrades

Strv 122 Tank Armor Upgrades

The Strv 122 is fitted with the Fire Control Systems and MEXAS turret armor system of the Leopard 2A5, but in addition features the roof armor and frontal hull armor of the Leopard 2A6EX. The Strv 122 is not only the most heavily armored Leopard 2A5 variant, but also better protected than German/Dutch Leopard 2A6 (and those sold as surplus).

The French GALIX defence system by Nexter is fitted on all Strv 122 as standard. If the vehicle is detected, it can fire various grenades to either mask against IR detection, launch IR decoys or anti-personnel grenades against infantry. The GALIX launchers are mounted as a single square block on either side of the turret.

The Strv 122 has an advanced command/control (C2) system and C4I capability. The C2 system comprises radio and intercom (Combat Radio, Type RA 180 for speech/computerized data, plus the LTS 90), a technical terminal for the commander, a display unit for the driver, a navigation system (POS 4) and a vehicle computer.

Strv 122 Tank Models

Strv 122B

Fitted with additional mine protection armor, in service.

Strv 122B+

Strv 122 Tank - Model Strv 122B+

Strv 122 Tank – Model Strv 122B+

The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV), conducted a study program in 2010 of a modified version of the Strv 122. This tecnical demonstrator was fitted with armour modules from IBD Deisenroth Engineering’s AMAP™ armor package (now known as Rheinmetall Chempro).

Strv 122 Tank Status

42 Strv 122 remain in active service. 14 Strv 122 have been upgraded to the Strv 122B and kept ready for international service.

It was expected that in 2013 some reconditioning works was going to be done, such as replacing some of the older electrical components of the tank, but the status of that work is not clear, nor if any tanks are to be upgraded to the Strv 122B+ in the near future.

The lease with Germany for the Strv 121 fleet ran out in 2011 and its understood they have been returned to Germany.

Strv 122 Tank Specifications

Main Gun Rheinmetall L44 – 120mm, calibre Length 44 smoothbore
Elevation -9 to +20
Secondary Weapons x1 coaxial 7.62mm MG, x1 7.62mm MG
Ammunition Storage x42 120mm, x4,750 7.62mm
Engine MTU Mb 873 ka 501, turbocharged 1500hp Diesel
Transmission RENK HSWL 354, 4 speed forward/2 reverse
Top Road Speed 68 km/h
Road Range 550km
Fuel Capacity 1160 litres
Vertical Obstacle 1.2m
Water Capability 1m (4m with Snorkel)
Trench Crossing 3m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Length Gun Forward 9.97m
Length Hull  —
3.78m (inc armor)
Height 3m (inc Commanders Sight)
Ground Clearance 0.54m
Weight 62,500kg aka 62.5 tonne combat
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Steel/Tungsten/Modular/MEXAS
Active Protection Systems GALIX
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader Yes
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried N/A


Photo walk around of Strv 122

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