The RUAG Leopard Solutions was developed by Swiss Company RUAG and is offered for the export market as an upgrade package for the Leopard 2A4 Tank. The package not only improves the overall performance of the vehicle, but further extendeds the Leopard 2A4‘s service life for over 20 years (lifecycle).

The Leopard Solutions is the re-branded Leopard 2 Mid-Life upgrade package.

RUAG Leopard Solutions

RUAG Leopard Solutions

This had evolved from the Swiss Army Pz 87 WE Leopard 2 (Werterhaltung) upgrade program. RUAG had produced the first prototypes in 2003, which featured a new modular armor package, remote Weapon Station and improved Fire Control Systems.

The Swiss Army eventually only implemented a handful of upgrades for the Pz 87 WE. Ruag went on to further improve the package into the Leopard 2 Mid-Life, but during 2016, RUAG re-branded the package to “Leopard Solutions”.

The RUAG Leopard Solutions upgraded systems are supplied wholly by RUAG and its subsidiary companies.

RUAG is one of the defence contractors bidding for the British Armies Challenger 2 LEP program. The RUAG Leopard Solutions prototype turret was on display at the companies stand at DVD 2016 to demonstrate the companies systems it could implement as upgrades during the LEP process.

RUAG Leopard Solutions Optional Upgrades

RUAG Leopard Solutions

RUAG Leopard Solutions

The RUAG Leopard Solutions features a digital architecture allowing the integration of a potential customers communications and C4I battlefield management systems.

The package features an improved Fire Control Systems with an improved detection of enemy targets in all-weather and night conditions for the Gunner and Commander.

RUAG have also added a new modular armor package with composite armor. This is fitted across the front and sides of the hull and turret for fighting in urban areas. The side modular armor can defeat RPG-7 attacks and AP rounds at Level 6, STANAG 4569.

The upgrade package does not feature improvements in mobility components or main gun, but a Remote Weapon Station has been added. This allows the crew to operate its secondary weapons safely from under armor.

RUAG Leopard Solutions Specifications

Main Gun Rheinmetall L44 – 120mm, calibre Length 44 smoothbore
Elevation -9 to +20
Secondary Weapons x1 coaxial 7.62mm MG, x1 Remote Weapon Station
Ammunition Storage x42 120mm, x4,750 7.62mm
Engine MTU Mb 873 ka 501, turbocharged 1500hp Diesel
Transmission RENK HSWL 354, 4 speed forward/2 reverse
Top Road Speed 68 km/h
Road Range 550km
Fuel Capacity 1160 litres
Vertical Obstacle 1.1m
Water Capability 1m (4m with Snorkel)
Trench Crossing 3m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Length Gun Forward 9.67m+ ?
Length Hull 7.72m+ ?
3.75m+ ?
Height 2.48m (roof top)
Ground Clearance 0.54m
Weight 55,000+kg aka 55+ tonne combat
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Steel/Tungsten/Modular/Composite/Cage
Active Protection Systems No
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader Yes
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried N/A

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