PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret on the upgraded Stryker Dragoon

PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret on the upgraded Stryker Dragoon

The PROTECTOR MCT-30 (Protector Medium Caliber Turret) is a Remote Weapon Station developed for Wheeled and Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Developed and manufactured by Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, the MCT-30 has a modular construction, featuring varying levels of armored protection, optional sighting equipment and the ability to mount varying calibre (25 to 50mm) chain-guns.

The PROTECTOR MCT-30 has been presented on all the major manufacturers 8×8 fighting vehicles and some tracked vehicle. It’s in service on the Patria AMV and GDLS Stryker 8×8.

PROTECTOR MCT-30 Firepower

The MCT-30 Turrets main weapon is the XM813 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster chain-gun, though this can be swapped for a larger or smaller chain-gun. The Mk44 is installed with roughly 10 other tracked and wheeled fighting vehicles. The Mk44 is fully stabilized for effective fire on the move.

The Mk44 fires the complete Orbital ATK family of 30 x 173mm ammunition, including the ability to program and fire the Mk310 Air Burst Munition. The Mk44 is fed by linkless, dual feed ammunition handling system with x156 ready rounds (x78  per feed) capable of single shot or bust fire modes.

The MCT-30 not only has a 7.62mm coaxial Machine Gun, but other smaller PROTECTOR RWS, such s CROWS can be installed on the turret roof. The turret has been marketed with a Javelin ATGM installed on the roof mounted CROWS and also coaxial mounted on the turrets side.

The MCT-30 turrets modularity allows the customer to either install their own Fire Control and Sighting Technology or retain the systems offered by Kongsberg Defence. This is also includes optional Commanders Independent Sight.

PROTECTOR MCT-30 Protection

The PROTECTOR MCT-30 basic armored protection is Level 1 STANAG 4569. This can be increased by attaching modular armor (plates) to the turrets front and sides. The MCT-30 as a Remote Weapon Station, means the vehicle Commander and Gunner are more safely stationed in the vehicles hull opposed to in the elevated turret.

Servicing of the main gun (reloading the ammunition handling systems) is done from within the vehicles hull. Full operation of the MCT-30 is also done via a control panel in the hull. Both soft and hard kill Active Protection Systems are optional equipment.

PROTECTOR MCT-30 Operators

America – Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (Stryker)

Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (Stryker) with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon (Stryker) with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

Since the formation of the Stryker Brigades and the Stryker ICV (Armored Personnel Carrier variant) entering service, the Stryker ICV has been somewhat under-gunned. The US Army selected the PROTECTOR MCT-30 to rectify this and plan a total of 83 Strykers to be converted to the Infantry Carrier Vehicle Dragoon.

The Dragoon will under go further trials during 2017 and will be fielded in September 2018. It’s intended that the Dragoon will be deployed with the Stryker Brigades deployed in Europe.

Croatia – Patria AMV Nordic

Patria AMV Nordic with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

Patria AMV Nordic with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

The Croatian Army has operated the Patria AMV since 2008 in an APC configuration, using the PROTECTOR 151 RWS with a .50 cal M2 Machine Gun. A total of x16 MCT-30 turrets have been delivered since 2014 of a planned 48. Patria have referred to the vehicle as the Patria AMV Nordic.


Australia – LAV (CRV)

LAV (CRV) with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

LAV (CRV) with the PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret

For the Australian Land 400 Phase 2 program that seeks a replacement for the ASLAV recon vehicle, GDLS modified a LAV 6.0 into the LAV (CRV) complete with PROTECTOR MCT-30 Turret. As of August 2016, the LAV (CRV) was not selected for the final stages of evaluation.

Other PROTECTOR MCT-30 Featured Vehicles

In addition to the Patria AMV and modified Stryker “Dragoon”, the MCT-30 turret has been marketed on the American tracked M2 Bradley IFV, LAV 6.0, Piranha 5, DRDO Kestrel, Patria AMV 28A and tracked CV90.

PROTECTOR MCT-30 Specifications

Main Gun MK44 30mm Bushmaster Automatic Cannon First round select Effective range > 3000 meters Upgradeable to fire 40×180 mm ammunition (Optional)
Secondary Weapons 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun / Optional RWS / Optional Javelin ATGM
Ammunition Storage 7.62mm x600 rounds
Ammunition Handling Linkless ammunition feeding 2 x 75 ready rounds NATO standard 30x173mm ammunition (AP, HE, TP, PABM) Programmable Air Burst Ammunition Reload from under armor
Smoke Grenade Launchers
2 banks, each x4 tubes (Optional)
Sight System Sight includes Day Camera, Thermal Imager and Laser Range Finder
Identification ID Range > 3000 meters (standard vehicle target 2.3 x 2.3 m)
Turret Movement 360 ° movement in azimuth -10 ° to + 45 ° elevation up to + 60 ° elevation (Optional)
Stabilization Fully stabilized including point stabilization
STANAG 4569 Protection
Baseline protection is STANAG level 1. Add on Armor up to desired level
Optional Equipment Missile system, Threat detection systems, Commanders Independent Weapon Station, Active Protection System
Crew x2 (Gunner & Commander)