Patria NEMO Mortar Firing

Patria NEMO Mortar Firing

The Finnish Patria NEMO Mortar is a sophisticated remotely operated turret, housing a single 120mm mortar barrel.

The NEMO was unveiled to the public in 2006 and is in service with a number of countries. It can easily be installed on light, tracked chassis or wheeled armoured Fighting Vehicles.

The NEMO is in service with 2 countries, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. The NEMO is able to fire the complete range of ammunition used in the turreted dual 120mm Mortar System, AMOS.

AMOS is developed and manufactured by Patria Hägglunds Oy, a subsidiary of Finnish Patria.

The latest version unveiled in 2012 is called the “NEMO Plus” and features a new Gunners sight and other additional optional equipment.

Patria NEMO Mortar Description

The NEMO is a Self Propelled Mortar system used for indirect fire support. It is has a Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI) capability, firing up to x5 120mm rounds in quick succession, which hit the target area simultaneously.

The light and compact turret, has a fully powered 360 degree traverse and mortar elevation. It is a unique mortar system in that its breech loaded and has a (low) recoil when firing.

The mortar is operated and serviced by the crew under full armor and NBC protection (if fitted on the vehicle).

It has a digital architecture and C4I networking capability enabling the NEMO to rapidly engage targets as well as perform “shoot and scoot” missions.

Patria NEMO Plus Mortar

Patria NEMO Plus

Patria NEMO Plus – Latest Version of the Patria NEMO Mortar

The NEMO Plus is the latest upgraded version. This has an additional built-in Gunners Sight for direct line of sight firing (self-defense) and was unveiled in 2012. Its been marketed on the Patria AMV and has optional built-in Smoke Grenade Launchers.

The NEMO Plus has also been displayed with a Remote Weapon Station attached to the rear of the turret mounting a 7.62mm Machine Gun for self-defence against infantry.


The 8×8 wheeled AMV (Armored Modular Vehicle) is developed and manufactured by Finnish company Patria. It’s in service with x7 countries including licensed production in Poland under the designation “Rosomak”.

The NEMO was unveiled to the public in 2006 and is in service with a number of AMV operators. The NEMO Turret has been presented on x2 modified AMV hull configurations.

Patria NEMO Mortar Operators


In December 2006, Slovenian purchased 135 Patria AMV vehicles as well as 24 Patria Nemo mortars for the Slovenian Army.

Saudi Arabia

In September 2010, the NEMO 120mm mortar turret was selected by Saudi Arabia for their LAV II Fighting Vehicles. These were integrated and delivered by General Dynamics Land Systems Canada, the original manufacturer of the LAV II.

Patria NEMO Mortar Specifications

Main Gun 120mm Mortars
Elevation -3 to +85
Secondary Weapons Optional RWS 7.62mm
Ammunition Storage 50 to 60 120mm
Engine n/a
Transmission n/a
Top Road Speed n/a
Road Range n/a
Fuel Capacity n/a
Vertical Obstacle n/a
Water Capability n/a
Trench Crossing n/a
Gradient n/a
Side Slope n/a
Length Gun Forward ?m
Length Hull ?m
Height ?m
Ground Clearance ?m
Weight 1,700kg aka 1.7 tonne combat
NBC Protected n/a
Armor Type Steel/Modular
Active Protection Systems n/a
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader Yes
Driver n/a
Additional Crew n/a
Troops Carried n/a

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