Patria AMV28A

Patria AMV28A

The Patria AMV28A is the latest version of the highly successful Finnish AMV family. Unveiled for IDEX 2017, this new model appears to be developed for amphibious landing operations.

It also features the well armed Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Remote Weapon Station, the PROTECTOR MCT-30 (Protector Medium Caliber Turret).

In May 2017, Patria completed and successfully passed amphibious testing in Southern Finland. Testing was completed in wind speeds between 10 to 13 m/s with 1 vehicle at its maxium combat weight of 28 tonnes and a second vehicle fitted with the Kongsberg Protector MCT-30 turret.

Patria AMV28A Features

The AMV28A is based on the standard AMV hull, but features an extended hull for larger size IFV turrets, such as the MCT-30, whilst retaining the same width of 2.85 meters.

The AMV28A is the first of the AMV Family to feature a modular bolt-on marine environment amphibious kit. This enables the vehicle to operate in “sea-stage 3” conditions with a Governed Weight of 28 tonnes.

Patria AMV28A during amphibious testing

Patria AMV28A during amphibious testing

It features an automatized amphibious mode and rear mounted propellors giving a Max. swimming speed of up to 10km/h. The hull has a protective coating for repeated use in marine enviroment.

The vehicle as is fitted with Air-Conditioning and a desertized Scania Powerpack and retains the modular armored capability of the original Patria AMV.

Patria AMV28A Specifications

Main Gun MK44 30mm Bushmaster Automatic Cannon
Secondary Weapons 7.62mm Coaxial Machine Gun / Optional RWS / Optional Javelin ATGM
Ammunition Storage 30mm x156, 7.62mm x600 rounds
Engine  Scania Diesel
Transmission 7 speed Automatic
Top Road Speed 100 km/h
Suspension Type hydropneumatic, height adjustment optional
Road Range 600 – 800 km
Fuel Capacity unknown
Vertical Obstacle 0.7m
Water Capability Amphibious 10 km/h
Trench Crossing 2.1m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Length Gun Forward n/a
Length Hull 7.9m+
Width 2.85m (no amphibious kit)
Height 2.4m (hull)
Ground Clearance unknown
Weight 28 tonne (with amphibious kit)
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Modular, composite insert
Active Protection Systems Optional
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried 8+