Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret Description

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret is a hybrid of the Finnish 8×8 wheeled Patria AMV Armoured Modular Vehicle equipped with The Belgium Cockerill CT-CV 105HP 2 man turret. There are currently no operators of this hybrid vehicle.

Patria AMV



Patria AMV Armored Modular Vehicle has been developed to provide modularity in turret systems. It’s in service with 7 countries and manufactured in 4. It has the capability to be fitted with varying levels of protection in its modular construction. Its payload capability can accommodate a combat weight between 17 to 27 tonnes.

The Cockerill CT-CV 105HP Turret

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret

The Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret integrates the Cockerill 105mm high-pressure gun with an advanced autoloader to deliver high lethality at very light weight Applicable to both tracked and wheeled vehicles, the system provides direct and indirect engagement when moving, by day and by night.

The main gun is employed using a high performance, digital, fully stabilised, day/night weapon control system. Turret weight is kept low through the use of a bustle-mounted autoloader, which permits a two-person crew. Able to fire the long-range Falarick 105 Gun-Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM) and possessing unusually high gun elevation range, the system is designed to deliver a remarkably broad spectrum of operational capability.

CT-CV 105HP Turret Features

•    Two man turret with autoloader
•    digitized electronic architecture of latest generation
•    Electro-mechanical power control system
•    Stabilised for fi ring on the move and against moving targets
•    Advanced Fire Control System with Hunter/Killer capability
•    for single target and multiple target engagements
•    Unique high angles of elevation and depression -10° to +42°
•    Improved optics to optimize local situational awareness
•    Advanced C4I facilities
•    Coax machine gun (7.62mm or .50 cal)
•    Modular ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 level 4 and even 5
•    Laser warning and complete protection against NBC contamination
•    Pintle-mounted 7.62 mm or .50” machine gun or Remote Weapon Station (optional)
•    Smoke grenade launchers

The Cockerill CV HP Gun

•    Calibre: NATO 105 mm
•    Barrel length: 5546/L51
•    Peak recoil force: < 150 kn
•    Rifled
•    Autofrettage technology
•    Design pressure 120% of classical 105 mm gun pressure
•    Single baffle e muzzle brake
•    Elevation -10° to +42°
•     Ammunition – M1060CV, M1061 HEAT, M1204 CANISTER, M416 SMOKE, M393 A3 HESH

The Falarick 105 ATGM has a maximum range of 5km with semi-automatic laser beam guidance. It has a Tandem Hollow-Charge capable of 550mm RHA penetration behind add-on ERA armor.

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret Specifications

Main Gun Rifled CV HP 105mm
Secondary Weapons 7.62mm Coaxial
Ammunition Storage Unknown
Engine 543hp DI 12 Scania Diesel
Transmission 7 speed Automatic
Top Road Speed 100 km/h
Suspension Type hydropneumatic, height adjustment optional
Road Range 600 – 800 km
Fuel Capacity unknown
Vertical Obstacle 0.7m
Water Capability Fording 2m / Amphibious 6 – 10 km/h
Trench Crossing 2.1m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Length Gun Forward Unknown
Length Hull 7.9m
Width 2.8m
Height 2.4m (hull top)
Ground Clearance unknown
Weight 22+tonne
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Modular, composite insert, bar armor capable, IED Kit
Active Protection Systems Optional – AMV Can be fitted with IBD AMAP-ADS
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried n/a