HAVOC MPC 8x8 Fighting Vehicle

HAVOC MPC 8×8 Fighting Vehicle

The HAVOC MPC is a former 8×8 wheeled Fighting Vehicle developed by Finnish Company Patria and US Company Lockheed Martin as a joint project.

Based on the Patria AMV and incorporating Lockheed Martin technology, the HAVOC was developed as a joint project for the USMC “Marine Personnel Carrier” (MPC) program. Both companies have withdrawn from the joint project and the HAVOC is no longer offered.

HAVOC MPC Development

The US Marine Corps has operated their model of the LAV II, designated the LAV-25 8×8 Fighting Vehicle, since the early 1980’s. Though the vehicle has served the Corps well, it lacks the modern day digital archetecure, modular armor and has an almost obsulete calibre chain-gun.

HHAVOC MPC during mobility trials

HAVOC MPC during mobility trials

The Corps created a replacement program for the LAV-25 called “Marine Personnel Carrier” (MPC), which out laid their requirments and made availble funding for development contracts with key international defence contractors.

In 2007 Lockheed Martin teamed up with the AMV manufacturer Patria, producing the “HAVOC” which was based on the AMV. In August 2012, the USMC awarded development contracts to four companies, 1 of which was with Lockheed Martin/Patria for the HAVOC.

Each company received $3.5 million contracts for a demonstration and study vehicle for water performance evaluation, survivability testing, and an analysis of human factors and stowage capacity starting in fall 2012 lasting 8 months. Evaluations took place at the Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch aboard Camp Pendleton, California,  with further evaluations at the Nevada Automotive Test Center in Carson City.

In June 2013 the Marine Corps officially put the MPC program on hold.

in February 2014, General Jim Amos decided to postpone development of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle program (seeking a tracked replacement to the AAVP-7A1) and return funding to the MPC program, but is now known as the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Phase I program.

HAVOC MPC 8×8 Fighting Vehicle (2)

HAVOC MPC 8×8 Fighting Vehicle

In September 2014 The Havoc successfully completed the Nevada Automotive Test Center’s challenging Butte Mountain Trail course, one of the most severe off-road test tracks in the world.

Over the course of 10 days of testing, we performed more than 40 test runs up and down the mountain while demonstrating the vehicle’s ride quality and crew comfort,” said Scott Greene, vice president of Ground Vehicles at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “Not once did the Havoc fail. And we were told numerous times that this course has stopped many vehicles over the years, including tanks.”

However, in July 2015 partnership between Patria and Lockheed Martin came to an end. Patria is not competing in the ACV program, however Lockheed Martin has submitted their own vehicle, which they unveiled at the 2015 Modern Day Marine expo.

HAVOC MPC Specifications

Main Gun Various – 7.62mm RWS
Secondary Weapons n/a
Ammunition Storage Various
Engine 543hp DI 12 Scania Diesel
Transmission 7 speed Automatic
Top Road Speed 100 km/h
Suspension Type hydropneumatic, height adjustment optional
Road Range 600 – 800 km
Fuel Capacity unknown
Vertical Obstacle 0.7m
Water Capability Fording 2m / Amphibious 6 – 10 km/h
Trench Crossing 2.1m
Gradient 60%
Side Slope 30%
Length Gun Forward n/a
Length Hull 7.9m
Width 2.8m
Height 2.4m
Ground Clearance unknown
Weight 17 – 27 tonne depending on variant
NBC Protected Yes
Armor Type Modular, composite insert, bar armor capable, IED Kit
Active Protection Systems No
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader No
Driver Yes
Additional Crew
Troops Carried 8+