AMOS Mortar Turret

AMOS Mortar Turret

The AMOS Mortar System (Advanced MOrtar System), is a turreted, double barreled breech-loading 120mm mortar.

Its designed to be mounted on wheeled or tracked APC chassis and on fast combat boats.

It is able to operate autonomously with impressive firepower, including direct and indirect fire capability together with Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI).

AMOS Mortar Development

Patria Hägglunds Oy is a subsidiary of the Finnish company Patria (50%) and BAE Systems Hägglunds from Sweden (formerly name Land Systems Hägglunds). Patria Hägglunds is based in Tampere, Finland.

Patria Hägglunds has no production activities of its own, but is responsible for co-ordination of the further development and international marketing of the AMOS new generation mortar system.

AMOS Mortar Description

Finnish Patria AMV AMOS Mortar (2)

The AMOS Mortar turret is modular, allowing for integration with most Fighting Vehicles

Due to turret mounting AMOS has a full 360-degree field of fire at elevations between -3 to +85 degrees. Thus, AMOS is capable of both direct fire for selfprotection and conventional indirect fire.

Ammo used in AMOS is conventional smooth bore mortar 120 mm fin-stabilised ammunition with a short stub case added.

AMOS crew normally consists of four men: driver, commander, gunner and loader. Of these, commander and gunner are seated in the turret.

Thanks to its electronic equipment AMOS is capable of fully independent operation, but traditional optomechanical aiming methods are retained as back up

  •     High rate of fire due to double barrel concept
  •     Direct fire capability
  •     Rapid deployment due to instrumentation for vehicle location and attitude; well suited for shoot & scoot tactics
  •     Ballistic protection against infantry weapons and splinters
  •     Muzzle blast and NBC protection Low chassis loads due to recoiling mechanism; suitability for both wheeled and tracked chassis
  •     Suitability for all standard 120 smoothbore mortar ammunition as well as smart guided ammunition
  •     Full 360° traverse without limitations due to turret mounting and recoil mechanism

AMOS Mortar Operators

Finland – Patria AMV

Finnish Patria AMV AMOS Mortar

Finnish Patria AMV AMOS Mortar

The Finnish Army operate 18 AMOS mortar turrets mounted on the Patria AMV 8×8 fighting vehicle. Ordered in December 2010, deliveries beginning in 2013.

Sweden – Strf 9040 (Combat Vehicle 90)

Swedish CV90 with AMOS Mortar

Swedish CV90 with AMOS Mortar

The Swedish Army ordered 40 AMOS Turrets in December 2016, which are expected to to be delivered during 2019. They will be fitted to the tracked Strf 9040 Fighting Vehicle, aka Combat Vehicle 90.

AMOS Mortar Specifications

Main Gun Dual 120mm Mortars
Elevation -3? to +85
Secondary Weapons n/a
Ammunition Storage x? 120mm
Engine n/a
Transmission n/a
Top Road Speed n/a
Road Range n/a
Fuel Capacity n/a
Vertical Obstacle n/a
Water Capability n/a
Trench Crossing n/a
Gradient n/a
Side Slope n/a
Length Gun Forward ?m
Length Hull ?m
Height ?m
Ground Clearance ?m
Weight ?kg aka ? tonne combat
NBC Protected n/a
Armor Type Steel
Active Protection Systems n/a
Commander Yes
Gunner Yes
Loader Yes
Driver n/a
Additional Crew n/a
Troops Carried n/a

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