PL-01 Concept Medium Tank

PL-01 Concept

The PL-01 Concept is an advanced Medium Tank developed as a joint project between the Polish Company OBRUM and BAE Systems. Unveiled in 2013, the vehicle is based on the CV90120-T medium tank by BAE Systems (Sweden) and a planned prototype was due to be built for 2016, ready for trials with the Polish Army. Unlike the CV90120-T, the PL-01 Concept features an unmanned turret with a bustle-fed autoloader for […]

Polish Rosomak

KTO Rosomak

KTO Rosomak Description The KTO Rosomak is the Polish designation for the Finnish Patria AMV 8×8 Combat Vehicle. The KTO Rosmak is built under licence in Poland by WZM S.A. and has received a number of modifications to meet the needs of the Polish Army. KTO is an abbreviation for Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony, which is Polish for “Wheeled Armored Vehicle” and Rosomak means “Wolverine”. First orders for the vehicle was placed […]