French AMX-13-75 Light Tank

AMX-13-75 Light Tank

The French AMX-13-75 Light Tank was the first of the AMX-13 Tank series. It was initally built with a 75mm main gun and referred to as simply “AMX-13” until production swapped to a new production model with a 90mm main gun, the AMX-13-90 in 1966. In addition, the AMX-13-75 hull was used with other turrets in limited numbers. It was a very unique vehicle and a very popular export vehicle […]

Object 640 Black Eagle Tank

Object 640 Black Eagle Tank

The Russian Object 640 Black Eagle Tank, was a design developed by the former State owned Omsktransmash manufacturing plant (and its design bureau) in the mid to late 1990’s. The Black Eagle project has generated a high level of speculation as to its existence. Two different running examples were built-in different configurations and in 2009, a televised statement by a high-ranking Russian Officer denied the existence of the Black Eagle. […]

Russian T-80U Tank

T-80U Tank

The Russian T-80U Tank was the second major upgrade of the T-80 Main Battle Tank series and is the most common production model exported and featured in the media. It featured improvements in firepower, armor and mobility. The T-80U could be identified quickly by the new large Kontakt-5 Explosive Reactive Armor mounted on the hull sides (which have handles along the bottom) and front x3 large protruding bricks on the […]

T-80B Tank

T-80B Tank

The Russian T-80B Tank was the first major upgrade of the T-80 Main Battle Tank and was the most common production model built. It featured improvements in firepower, such as the ability to fire a radio-guided anti-tank missile and improvements in the vehicles armor. Also known as the Obiekt 219RV (Object), the T-80B had a revised turret, with changes to accommodate new fire control equipment and armor. The T-80B could […]

T-80 Tank model the T-80BV

T-80 Tank

The Russian T-80 Tank is a 2nd Generation Main Battle Tank currently in service with the Russian Army and exported to a small number of countries. The T-80 was developed as a replacement to the problematic T-64 Tank series. The T-80 was considered to be a more advanced main battle tank than the cheaper T-72 and was built in lower numbers. It has a 3 man crew, retaining the autoloader […]

Centurion Tank Mk13

Centurion Tank

The British Centurion Tank FV 4007, has gone down in history as the most successful Post-World War 2 British Tank. Developed at the end of World War 2 to defeat the German Tiger I Tank, it has served on nearly every major continent with 18 different nations and is still in service with some countries as of 2017. Over 4400 were built and it has been deployed in at least […]

Conqueror Tank Mk1

Conqueror Tank

The British Conqueror Tank FV214 was the last of the Heavy Tanks built by the British. Built to support the medium Centurion Tank with its 120mm main gun, it was built-in 2 Marks (Mk). Both Mk shared the same hull and turret, but with minor modifications. The Mk2 had a revised upper frontal glacis plate welds, a single Drivers sight, revised electrical cabling to the headlights and different exhaust. Despite […]

K2 Black Panther Tank

K2 Black Panther Tank

The South Korean K2 Black Panther Tank is a 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank currently in production with Hyundai Rotem for the Republic Of Korea Army (ROKA). It is the most advanced MBT in ROKA service and its technology has been exported to Turkey for the Altay Main Battle Tank. The K2 has many improvements over the K1A1 Tank (currently in service) in firepower, protection and mobility. The K2 Black Panther […]

K1A2 Tank Image 1

K1A2 Tank

The K1A2 Tank is described as the “Advanced Version” of the K1A1 Tank, by the vehicle’s manufacturer Hyundai Rotem. It is an upgrade package for the K1A1 Tank, rather than a new production model. Since production of the K1 and K1A1 tanks, South Korea has developed a new Main Battle Tank called the K2 Black Panther. The K2 features many improvements over the K1A1 and includes the latest in South […]

K1A1 Tank

K1A1 Tank

The South Korean K1A1 Tank, is the second production model of the K1 Tank series. The K1A1 featured several upgrades, which included a licence built L44 120mm smoothbore main gun. The K1A1 can be idetified from the K1 by the L44 series humped fume extractor in the middle of the barrel. Other external differences are the improved Commanders Indenpendant Sight and an increase in the gap between the hull and […]