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Artec Boxer with Puma Turret


Rheinmetall Boxer IFV

Artec Boxer with Lance Turret
Unveiled / Entered Service
Artec Boxer IFV With Puma Turret
Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.
Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.


Boxer Dragoon with RT60 Turret
Boxer Dragoon with RT60 Turret

The Rheinmetall Boxer IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a member of the 8×8 wheeled, Artec Boxer Family. Continuing with the Artec Boxers modular concept, the Boxer IFV has been fitted with several medium calibre modular turret systems.

The most recent version is the Boxer Dragoon, featuring the RT-60 unmanned turret, complete with a twin Javelin ATGM launcher.


The Artec Boxer is a family of modular 8×8 wheeled vehicles comprising a “Mission Module” and “Drive Module”  containing the engine and Drivers Compartment.

The fighting module can easily be adapted to take different medium calibre turrets (manned or remote) developed and manufactured by other international manufacturers, which has secured export sales.

Rheinmetall Boxer IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) transports x6 infantry and features a modular type turret, armed commonly with a 30mm auto-cannon. Most of these medium calibre turrets have optional ATGM launchers such as the Spike-LR. This provides the infantry with potent fire support to engage enemy fighting vehicles, low flying attack helicopters or entrenched infantry.


Lance Turret

The 2 man Rheinmetall Lance Turret is armed with the MK30-2 / ABM, 30mm auto-cannon. This has a duel feed capability and 200 ready to fire rounds are located in the turret (100 AP & 100 HE).

It has the latest state-of-the-art, fully digital fire control system with a 360 degree Commanders Independent Sight in addition to the Gunners Sight. This gives the Boxer IFV a “Hunter Killer Capability”. Both sights have a day and thermal channel, with an integrated laser range finder.

The 30x173mm ammunition is stored outside of the crew compartment of the turret for added protection. The turret can be fitted with modular armor for enhanced protection.

As well as the base version, a range of additional modular equipment can be integrated. A Situational Awareness System (SAS) and independent weapons station.

The 2 man Lance RC Turret is the most common Boxer IFV configuration marketed by Rheinmetall and is in service with the Spanish Marines Corps since 2011 on their Piranha IIIC 8×8 Fighting Vehicle.

Lance Modular Turret

The second version of the Lance turret, is the remote-controlled modular turret. Not seen that often, it is unmanned with the crew operating it remotely from within the Boxers hull. It has the same latest state-of-the-art, fully digital fire control system, auto-cannon and offers a range of additional modular equipment.

This version of the Lance turret can be identified by the protruding section on the right of the auto-cannon.

Puma Turret

The Puma is a new tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle currently in production for the German Army. Just like the Boxer, its a joint venture between Rheinmetall and KMW, which is called PSM“. The Boxer IFV has also been fitted with the Puma Turret.

Just like the Lance turret, the Puma Turret has state-of-the-art, fully digital fire control system and offers a range of additional modular equipment. Such as, modular armor, Spike ATGM missile launcher and has been photgraphed with different calibre auto-cannons.

Samson II Turret

The SAMSON II is the latest version of the SAMSON family of RWS by Israeli company Rafael. The SAMSON II features state-of-the-art, fully digital fire control system, modular armor up to STANAG 4569 Level 4, a Spike ATGM Launcher and the option to mount different auto-cannons from 20 to 40mm calibre.

Kongsberg RT60

Unveiled in 2023, it is the most potent of the unmanned turrets seen on the Rheinmetall Boxer IFV. Designated the Boxer Dragoon, its weaponry includes the XM813 30mm chain gun, coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, twin Javelin anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM)  and a 12.7mm heavy machine gun.


The Boxer is designed to offer the maximum levels of protection against conventional and unconventional threats through its modular components. The use of a Drive Module and Mission Module in the Boxers design, creates a multi-layer floor and safety cell, for improved protection against IED/Mine attacks.

Just like the Patra AMV, the Boxer is a welded steel construction with sections of modular armor along the hull sides and front. The turret can be fitted with modular armor for enhanced protection if and when required.

These modular sections consist of external mounting points where ceramic passive armored plates are attached. These can be easily removed and replaced quickly on the battlefield if damaged.

The modular armor enables the Boxers protection to be upgraded (mission dependant) from Level 1 (7.62mm) to Level 6? (30mm AP) of STANAG 4569. The passive armor is normally mounted a few centimeters away from the hulls surface.

Additional safety features include; the ready-to-fire 200 rounds of 30x173mm ammunition are kept outside of the turrets crew compartment and all flammable liquid tanks are externally mounted of the main hull.

The crew are protected with internal spall liners and safety cells. The Boxer also features stealth-like technology for reducing Infa-Red and radar signatures. This was achieved through the use of decoupled and actively cooled plates on the front of the vehicle and the careful consideration of engine cooling.

Optional Rheinmetall systems include: Situational Awareness Systems (SAS), Laser Warning and the Rheinmetall “Rosy” smoke/obscurant protection system, which renders the vehicle invisible in the event of an attack (Soft-Kill Active Protection).


The Boxer was designed to keep pace off-road with the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (Leopard 2A6), which is in service with both Germany and the Netherlands. This requirement is met when at full combat weight and whilst in extreme environments.

The  Boxer is powered by a V8, 720hp diesel engine and features independent suspension, offering future growth potential in the vehicles payload capability without loss of mobility. The Boxer has a permanent 8×8 drive, central tyre inflation system and 27 inch run flat tyres.



The Boxer IFV was the eventual winner of the Project Land 400 Phase 2, which was seeking a replacement to the 8×8 ASLAV, which had been in service since the 1990’s. The principal variant is the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle aka Boxer CRV, in addition to other support roles.

In 2015 the “request for Tender” was released by the Australian Ministry Of Defence for Phase 2. Several defence companies submitted their vehicles for consideration but in July 2016, the Patria/BAE Systems AMV35 and Artec  Boxer were selected as the 2 vehicles to take part in the 12-month Risk Mitigation Activity, with the Boxer being selected. READ MORE


Delivery of the new “schwerer Waffenträger Infanterie” is scheduled to begin in 2025. Based on the Australian Army’s Boxer CRV, the new vehicle will replace the Wiesel in the fire support role for the infantry. It will feature the same 2-man Lance turret of the CRV and will utilise the capability to integrate a Spike-LR ATGM launcher. Its expected that the new 100 vehicles will be manufactured at MILVEHCOE.


On the 11th of December 2015, the Boxer was declared the preferred bidder by the Lithuanian State Defence Council for the Lithuanian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Programme. On the 22nd of August 2016, OCCAR on behalf of the Republic of Lithuania and ARTEC signed a contract for the procurement of BOXER Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

The contract comprises the delivery of 88 BOXER vehicles in four Infantry Fighting Vehicle versions developed for Lithuania which will be called “VILKAS” within the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

The Infantry Fighting Vehicles will be equipped with the SAMSON II Remote Turret by Israeli company Rafael. It features a 30mm auto-cannon and an anti-tank missile launcher.

First Lithuanian Boxer vehicles will be delivered by the end of 2017. The BOXER vehicle will provide the Lithuanian Army on short-term with a state of the art, mechanised infantry capability. READ MORE


Main Gun
MK30-2 / ABM, 30mm auto-cannon
ATGM Capability
TBC – Spike-LR
Secondary Weapons
Ammunition Storage
x600 30mm (200 in turret)
V8, 720hp, MTU 8V199 TE20 Diesel (Multi-Fuelled)
Allison HD4070 x7 speed Automatic
Top Road Speed
103 km/h
Road Range
1,050 km
Fuel Capacity
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
Fording ?m
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
3.24m (turret roof)
Ground Clearance
Upto 35 tonne combat weight
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
steel, composite, modular
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
composite, modular
Active Protection Systems
commander, driver, gunner