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Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle


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Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Unveiled / Entered Service
Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
In Service
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Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.


The Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle is the only tracked IFV in service with the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. Due to Japanese policy on not exporting military technology, the vehicle has not been offered for export, despite being a very capable IFV, which has driven the vehicles manufacturing price up.


With the growing nuclear weapons capability of North Korea since the 1980’s, Japan like most countries had to reevaluate its troops capability of having to fighting in an NBC contaminated battlefield.

Development of a new Infantry Fighting Vehicle, that allowed the embarked infantry to engage the enemy by firing through rifle ports in the vehicle’s sides and rear, rather than having to disembark and risk exposure to Nuclear, Biological or Chemical agents, started in 1980.

By 1984 Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries had delivered four prototypes for trials and was accepted into JGSDF service in 1989, with full scale production starting in 1991.

Whilst the Type 89 is an excellent IFV, its only real downfall is its rate of production, which could be attributed to either production capability of the manufacturers (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries principal, Komatsu subcontractor) or funding (the vehicle is not subsidised by export clients) with only an estimated 120 vehicles being produced over 25 years.

Japan has since focused on limited production of the Type 10 main battle tank and invested heavily in new wheeled armoured vehicles.


The Type 89 main gun is a 35mm medium calibre chain gun. Developed by the former Swiss Firm Oerlikon-Contraves (now Rheinmetall Air Defence) the 35mm KD Series is made of several different barrels for different applications.

The Type 89 uses the KDE barrel, which is a calibre Length 90. It has a dual feed and capable of firing both High Explosive and Armour Piercing rounds at a rate of 550 rounds per minute.

Whilst featuring a modern fire control system, it lacks any of the sophisticated Commanders Independent Sight seen with the more recent generation of IFV. Both the vehicle commander and gunner are located in the turret.

Secondary weapons include a coaxial machine gun and a Type 79 Jyu-MAT anti-tank guided missile launcher on either side of the turret. This ATGM was developed in the late 1970’s and was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The seven transported infantryman have access to a number of firing ports on both sides of the hull and in the rear ramp to fire their personal rifles through.


The vehicle is constructed of welded steel plates. Its not clear what level of protection this offers. At worst its protected over the frontal arc against 12.7mm AP rounds, but most likely is rated against 20mm AP rounds. It does not have the addon thicker frontal plates you see on vehicles such as Bradley or the Marder 1, which are believed to be rated against 30mm.

The hull offers all round protection against 7.62mm machine gun fire and 155mm artillery splinters. Its not clear if the side skirts offer protection against fragmentation splinters.

The vehicles standard IFV layout adds to its protection, with the driver off-centre sitting on the front right-side and the engine compartment to his left, which offers additional protection for the infantry sitting in the rear section. The vehicle features an NBC protection system.


The Type 89 is powered by the Mitsubishi 6SY31WA diesel engine, which generates 600hp. It has a respectable range of 400km and a top road speed of 70km/h.


Main Gun
35mm KD Series chain gun
ATGM Capability
x2 Type 79 Jyu-MAT
Secondary Weapons
Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun
Ammunition Storage
600hp Mitsubishi 6SY31WA diesel
Top Road Speed
Road Range
Fuel Capacity
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
1m Fording
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
Ground Clearance
27 Tonne
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
Active Protection Systems
Commander, Gunner, Driver