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Kurganets-25 with Bumerang-BM turret #3



Kurganets-25 with Epokha turret
Unveiled / Entered Service
Kurganets-25 APC
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The Kurganets-25 Infantry Fighting Vehicle was one of two new IFV's unveiled during the 2015 Moscow Victory Day Parade. The second was the larger, more heavily armoured T-15 Armata. An Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) version was also on display.

Just like the T-15, the Kurganets-25 has been put on static displays at Russian defence Expo's since 2015 and as recent as 2023, where it has been photographed with both its original Bumerang-BM Unmanned Turret and other new ones such as the Epokha turret.

Originally scheduled to enter production with the Russian company JSC Kurganmashzavod (who manufactured the BMP-2 and BMP-2) in 2016, its development (like the T-15) has been protracted and as of 2023, it is still yet to enter production as a replacement for various BMP vehicles.

This could be down to the potential cost of the Kurganets-25 vs the number needed, the manufacturer going bust in 2019 and ownership transfering to High Precision Systems, or acceptance into service by the Russian Army.

What is known is that the Russian Army have been operating a new IFV (numbers/status unknown) since 2021 called the B-19, which is a modified/updated BMP-3 with the same Epokha turret that the Kurganets-25 was seen with at the 2020 Victory Day Military Parade.


The Russian Army operates a large mixture of BMP-1 (1966), BMP-2 (1979) and BMP-3 (1987) Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Despite the improvements in firepower and protection with each BMP model, their has been a requirement to replace them with a more heavily protected, more lethal and ergonomic IFV.

In comparison to the the Uralvagonzavod T-15, the Kurganmashzavod Kurganets-25 is smaller, can transport a 7-man squad and is internally more ergonomic than the BMP Series.

In terms of lethality, the Kurganets-25 can be fitted with the same Russian developed unmanned turrets as the T-15, but when it comes to protection, both vehicles rely on Explosive Reactive Armour, but the T-15 utilises it more across its entire hull and bar armour on its rear.

A limited number of vehicles were manufactured for the 2015 Moscow Parade. These vehicles have reappeared in each years parades and as static displays in Russian defence expo’s.

They can be identified by the large air intake grill on the top left side of the hull (RED) next to the drivers station located in the centre of the hull (Yellow). Both the engine deck hatches (BLUE) are located at the very front of the hull in tandem.

GREEN is 2021 TV Show vehicle

Since then, the manufacturers have continued to work on the vehicles development, which has been covered on a Russian TV show. Vehicles in this show (aired in 2021) have seen the grills removed, the engine moved to the front right of the hull and the drivers station moved to the front left so both are now in tandem. These vehicles also feature the intended Explosive Reactive Armour (see protection below) configuration for the expected finalised design.



Kurganets-25 with Boomerang-BM Turret
Kurganets-25 with Boomerang-BM Turret

The initial unmanned turret, developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau, it is fitted with both a Commanders and Gunners sight with multi-channels (Day/Thermal), tracking capability and the ability to fire ATGM in fast succession to destroy ERA with a second missile to penetrator the exposed armor.

The primary weapon is the 2A42 30mm auto-cannon with a coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun. Its Anti-Tank Capability is a pod mounted on both sides of the turret, each fitted with x2 Kornet ATGM launching tubes. The turret stores 550 rounds of ammunition and has dual feeds so is capable of firing 30mm AP and HEI rounds.


The Epokha is a more recent Unmanned Turret System. It can quickly be identified by the lack of a muzzle break on the end of the main gun, which is a 57mm calibre.

The turret features x4 Kornet-EM Anti-Tank Guided Missiles. An improved version of the Kornet, it offers greater range. It also features a third ATGM launcher containing x8 Bulat missiles.



The engine compartment is located at the front of the vehicle and acts as a physical barrier. The crew are located behind it, with the troop compartment in the rear. They exit the vehicle via a large door in the rear, using the vehicle as a physical barrier.

The vehicle features an over-pressurised NBC filtration system and x8 Situational Awareness camera’s providing a 360 degree view of the immediate area around the vehicle.


Kurganets-25 Explosive Reactive Armour
Kurganets-25 Explosive Reactive Armour

The vehicle is manufactured in a type of armoured steel rated to withstand 12.7mm Machine Gun fire. It’s not clear what ceramic/laminate armour (if any) covers the frontal arc of the vehicle.

It was initially conceived based on observation of the vehicle on parades, that it featured large armoured modules along the hulls side. On closer inspection its clear by the quality of the craftsmanship that these are replica mock ups.

On a Russian TV show, covering the vehicles later development at the Kurganmashzavod manufacturing facility, the actual armour (if it goes into production) will be Explosive Reactive Armour. The configuration of this is a lot different in terms of layout, shape and finish when compared to the parade vehicles. It is mounted to a large armoured backing board, which is attached to the hull’s sides.

Active Protection System

The Kurganets-25 features a number of the Afganit Hard-Kill counter projectile launchers across the front and rear of the hull as well as around the commanders cupola. The systems sensors are located across the hull top/sides. Due to the vehicles size, it lacks the Traversable NII Stali (manufacturer) Upper Hemisphere Protection Complex (Soft-Kill) as used on the T-15.


To counter anti-tank mines, the vehicle is fitted with an electromagnetic counter measure to interrupt the magnetic fuses of mines arming.

“The Cloak”

This a special material made of several fabric layers designed to cover the outside of the vehicle to absorb radio waves and prevent detection from reconnaissance vehicles and drones.


A key capability of the Kurganets-25 is its amphibious capability, which exceed those of the T-15. The Kurganets-25  features the same water jet propulsion system as the BMP-3 IFV, providing a swimming speed of 10km/h. Its claimed that the hulls side ERA armour also provides additional buoyancy and stability in the water.

The engine compartment can accommodate either of the 1200hp engine from the T-15 Armata or the one used in the 8×8 Bumerang. The vehicle uses a 6-speed automatic transmission and features a Hydropneumatic suspension to lower the vehicle and reduce its ground clearance.

Variants and Marks

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (BMP)

Unveiled in 2015, this vehicle can carry x7 troops and x3 crew. Its been seen with two different unmanned turrets. БМП Б-11 Курганец-25 с БМ Эпоха (B-11 Kurganets-25).

Armoured Personnel Carrier

Unveiled in 2015, this vehicle can carry x7 troops and x3 crew. It has a remote weapon station with a Machine Gun. Also known as БТР Б-10 объект 693 Курганец-25 (B-10 APC object 693 Kurganets-25).

Armoured Recovery Vehicle

In the previously mentioned 2021 video, the manufacturing team stated they were building one.

Self Propelled Gun

In the previously mentioned 2021 video, the manufacturing team stated this was an option if required.


Main Gun
2A42 30mm Chain Gun
ATGM Capability
Secondary Weapons
Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun
Ammunition Storage
1200hp Diesel
6 Speed Automatic
Top Road Speed
40 mph off-road
Road Range
Fuel Capacity
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
Ground Clearance
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
Steel, Modular
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
Modular, Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)
Active Protection Systems
Commander, Gunner, Driver