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CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Unveiled / Entered Service
CV9035NL of the Dutch Army has added RoofPRO-P Armor
In Service
Steel Aces Play for free
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Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.


The CV9035 is the second of the export models of BAE Systems Hägglunds, CV90 (Combat Vehicle 90) tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle. An improved model of the CV9030 Mk2, it features a 35mm auto cannon and is considered the Mk3 in Sweden.

The Royal Netherlands Army was the first export customer to order the CV9035 in 2004, followed 1 year later by the Danish Army. Since entering Dutch army service, surplus CV9035 have been sold to Estonia.

The BAE Systems prototype for the British Army FRES SV Scout program was also based on the Mk3, with the ASCOD 2 design eventually being selected.


CV9035 Fighting Vehicle Description
CV9035 Fighting Vehicle Description

The Cv9035 Mk3 differs from the Mk1 and Mk2 CV9030 and can be identified by a number of changes:

1. New 35mm main gun
2. Frontal armor modifications
3. New SAAB Active Protection System (soft)
4. Additional storage box
5. Changes to the rear of the turret


The Bushmaster III automatic cannon by ATK, is an 35mm (bore) calibre compact, cost-effective auto-cannon, capable of firing the latest programmable air burst munitions. Its Key features and benefits include:

•  Fires 35mm Oerlikon or 50mm Supershot ammunition
•  Compact size facilitates easy upgrades of existing turrets
•  Supports linked and linkless feed systems
•  Proven safety, reliability and low life cycle costs
•  Dual feed system

CV9035 Bushmaster III 35mm Cannon
CV9035 Bushmaster III 35mm Cannon

The CV9035 incorporates a Munition Programmer for Air Burst Munition and has a target-driven gunner Man Machine Interface (MMI). The Fire Control System  autonomously sets:

• The type of ammunition
• Lead – and super elevation angles
• Fuse setting – air burst, impact or delayed detonation
• Burst – Dispersion patterns

The CV9035 is the first of the CV90 IFV models to feature an Commanders Independent Sight, enabling him to search, engage or hand over targets to the Gunner, much like a 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank.


The CV9035 features a new base armor with attachment bolts fitted across the external surface of the vehicle.  These are used to mount modular armor such as MEXAS, AMAP and RUAG’s range of RoofPRO-P Armor as well as other passive armors either during the manufacturing stage or added later, mission dependant.

The vehicle features full NBC protection and is compatible with soft or hard kill Active Protection Systems as per the clients requirement.

As standard, the CV9035 features a soft Kill APS that classifies targets, gives threat warnings via the Vehicle   Information System (VIS) and supports the driver with manoeuvring instructions, whilst simultaneously deploying countermeasures, to reduce the risk of being hit.


Please note: (unless otherwise stated) all operator numbers ordered, dates and price info is obtained from the Arms Trade Register. You will find links for dedicated pages to each countries model CV90 under “model” in the listings if available.


Model: CV9035DK

44 Mk3 CV9035 were ordered in 2005. Deliveries started in 2008 and were completed in 2010. In 2016, BAE signed an agreement to install a new battlefield management radio system to all CV9035DK. The CV9035DK has been deployed with the Danish Army as part of ISAF in the Afghanistan War.


Model: CV9035NL

44 surplus Dutch CV9035NL were purchased by Estonia in 2014. Deliveries started in 2016. In 2016 an additional 35 surplus vehicles were purchased from Norway. These vehicles will be overhauled and upgraded with the KONGSBERG PROTECTOR RS4 Weapons Station which can be fitted with Javelin ATGM, which Estonia has operated since 2016.


Model: CV9035NL

184 CV9035 were ordered in 2004 for the Dutch Army. Deliveries were started in 2007 and were completed in 2012. The Netherlands sold 44 surplus vehicles to Estonia.

In January 2021 the Royal Dutch Army took delivery of their first CV9035 vehicles that had gone through their mid-life upgrade. A total of 122 vehicles will go through the program, which will extend their service life until 2039.

The principal upgrade is BAE’s new D-Series turret, complete with dual Spike ATGM launcher and Iron Fist APS giving the vehicle similar capabilities to the CV90 MkIV.

Australia (Failed Bid)

Model: AMV35 & CV9035 IFV Australia Land 400 Program

Patria AMV35 Hybrid Features The CV9035 Turret For The Australian Army Land 400 Program
Patria AMV35 Hybrid Features The CV9035 Turret For The Australian Army Land 400 Program

Land 400 was a program run by the Australian Army that was seeking the replacement of its current fighting vehicles. Phase 2 concentrated on the replacement for the ageing 8×8 ASLAV. BAE System and Patria submitted the Patria AMV35 which was a hybrid vehicle consisting of the Patria AMV 8×8 hull and BAE Systems-Hägglunds CV9035 Turret.

Phase 3 of the project seeked a tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle to replaced the M113. BAE offered the CV9035 for this phase of the project.

The Australian Army selected the German 8×8 Boxer to replace the ASLAV and South Korean K-21 IFV for Phase 3.


Main Gun
35mm Bushmaster III auto-cannon Elevation -8 to +35?
ATGM Capability
Secondary Weapons
Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun
Ammunition Storage
x? 35mm, x? 7.62mm
Scania DS16 41A 616hp (460Kw) Diesel
Perkins X300 Series x4 speed forward/x2 reverse
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Road Range
Fuel Capacity
525 litres?
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
Ground Clearance
31.75 tonne comba
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
Steel, Laminated
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
Composite, Spaced, Modular
Active Protection Systems
Commander, Gunner, Driver