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T-80 Tank

T-80BVM Main Battle Tank

T-80BVM Tank Image #5
Unveiled / Entered Service
Russian main battle tank T-80BVM on static display at military-technical forum ARMY-2022, Park Patriot, Moscow region, Russian Federation
In Service
Steel Aces Play for free
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Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.


The T-80BVM tank is the latest Russian upgrade model of the T-80B Main Battle Tank. It has seen the vehicles firepower, protection and mobility overhauled and upgraded. Roughly 100+ vehicles have been produced since 2017, with deliveries ongoing for 2023 to 2024 to make up for tanks lost in the 2022 - ongoing Russian invasion and occupation of Ukraine.


The T-80 Tank’s future was assumed to have been written following the tanks poor performance (survivability) during the First Chechen War (1994 – 96). Significant losses in urban area’s had led to the decision that the Russian Army would no longer use a gas-turbine powered tank in the future and that the T-80 would not receive any future upgrades, with the majority of the fleet being placed into storage.

Russia had developed a new 152mm smoothbore main gun called the 2A83 and required a next generation Main Battle Tank capable of mounting it, resulting in the Black Eagle, the T-95 and the Object 292 (which used the LP-83 152.4 mm) prototypes. All of these projects had run from either the late 1980’s or 90’s and had been cancelled by the 2000’s (if not earlier).

Russia eventually unveiled its next generation MBT in 2015 designated the T-14 Armata. Classed as a 4th generation MBT, it had relied on Western Sighting technology and was expected to have gone into production that year. But with the 2014 Annexation of Crimea and subsequent trade embargoes, production was pushed back until 2025, which left Russia with no alternative to modernise both old T-80B and T-90, resulting in the T-80BVM and T-90M, with both vehicles using the same upgraded equipment.

It was reported in Russia media in September 2023, that the T-80BVM has been very successful and the Russia is planning on production of new vehicles (not refurbished T-80B).


The T-80BVM uses the enhanced 125mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore gun coupled with a new autoloader and is capable of firing the latest Russian APFSDS tungsten Svinets-1, depleted uranium Svinets-2 and 9M119M Invar (aka Refleks-M) ATGM, HEAT and HE-FRAG. The vehicle has received a new 1A45T improved “Irtysh” fire control system, with enhanced detection thanks to the gunners Sosna-U sight, which features a thermal channel that utilised the Catherine-FC thermal camera.

However, Russia has been able to purchase the Catherine-FC thermal cameras due to arms embargo’s and had to instead use old 1PN96MT-02 sights. It was reported in 2023 that Russia had finally developed a new Gunners sight with a thermal camera, designated the PNM-T. The new sight is currently being installed as part of the T-80BVM 2023 model.


The most notable visible upgrade is the replacement of the T-80BV Kontakt-1 Explosive Reactive Armour to the latest generation of ERA, Relikt. Its not only fitted across the frontal arc of the tank, but also extends along the hull sides and meets the bar armour, which is fitted around the hull and turrets rear for protection against RPG attacks.

As standard, no form of Active Protection System was initially added, but this maybe addressed in the future with some form of Arena-M APS.



The gas turbine engine has been enhanced and the tracks replaced. The transmission and suspension have not been upgraded and retain the original components.

Variants and Marks

2017 T-80BVM

The original upgraded model, some fitted with gunners Sosna-U sight and others with the PNM-T.

2023 T-80BVM

Enhanced model based on lessons learnt in the 2022 Russian Invasion and occupation of Ukraine. Most significant change is new modular (possibly ERA) armour covering the whole of the hulls sides, improved bar armour and a new armoured structure above the turret to protect against drone dropped munitions and or kamikaze drones packed with explosives.

Another protection device is the installation of jammers, which are designed to kill the signal of drones, denying them the chance to fly near to the tank.


Russian Army

The number of T-80BV that have been upgraded is believed to be 100+ though some sources claim 300. The tank has been deployed in the Russian Invasion and Occupation of Ukraine, with independent sources visually identifying x40 destroyed T-80BVM tanks as of late 2023.

Ukrainian Army

A small number of abandoned vehicles have been captured and pressed back into Ukrainian Army service during the war.


Main Gun
125mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore
Secondary Weapons
Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun, commanders 50 cal machine gun
Ammunition Storage
x45 125mm, x1250 7.62mm, x300 12.7mm
1100hp GTD-1000TF
Manual (5 forward/ 1 reverse gears)
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Road Range
335 km
Fuel Capacity
1840 Litres
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
1.8m Fording, 5m with snorkel kit
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
Ground Clearance
43.7+ tonne combat
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
Steel, Laminated, Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
Active Protection Systems
Commander, Gunner, Driver