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CV90120-T Medium Tank

CV90120-T Medium Tank

CV90120-T Medium Tank with Active Protection
Unveiled / Entered Service
CV90120-T Medium Tank with AMAP-ADS
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Steel Aces Play for free
the highly anticipated MMO tactical tank shooter for 2024.


The Swedish CV90120-T is a medium tank (as described by BAE Systems) developed on the highly successful Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) Infantry Fighting Vehicle hull.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s, there was much deliberation over the future need of a Main Battle Tank in a modern army and the perceived requirement being light weight fire support vehicles with the firepower of an MBT.


The principle issues facing a medium tank design is the poor armor compared to that of an MBT and the ability to install a 120mm main gun due to the recoil forces whilst firing it.

The CV90120-T overcame these issues by installing various Active Protection Systems, camouflage/thermal signature reducing technology and a compact anti-tank gun.

The vehicle has a 24 volt electrical system capable of powering communications and C4I equipment. The engine is an uprated 600kw (804hp) Scania Diesel. There are so far no operators of the CV90120-T in any of its models as listed above.


CV90120-T CTG 120 L50 Compact Tank Gun
CV90120-T CTG 120 L50 Compact Tank Gun

The CV90120-T main gun is the CTG 120/L50 (Compact Tank Gun) developed by RUAG. It is a 120mm smoothbore, calibre Length 50 with a rate of fire of 12 – 14 rds/min. It can fire all types of modern NATO ammunition. 12 rounds are kept ready in the turret bustle, with a further 33 stowed in the hull rear.

The CTG 120mm smoothbore features a thermal sleeve to regulate barrel temperature, central fume extractor to suck out all poisonous gases in the barell generated from firing and a muzzle break (the circular holes in the end of the barrel) to reduce its recoil. It is also fully stabilized for accurate firing on the move.

The CV90120-T has always had a digital Fire Control System as well as the Commander and Gunner each having a sight. Both sights have a thermal imaging channel, allowing it to engage targets in all-weather conditions, day or night.


The CV90120 has always remained as a demonstrator. Based on the Strf 9040, it is assumed that the hull is a Mk0. The new turret is constructed of steel and therefore has the same values as the Strf 9040.

That said, the side armor hull armor has changed over the years. NBC protection is available and other safety features include electrical turret drive, reducing the risk of fire (compared to hydraulic drives) if the armor is penetrated.

Variants and Marks


CV90120-T Prototype
CV90120-T Prototype camouflage system spraying a water mist to reduce the vehicles thermal signature

Early pictures and videos of the prototypes (based on Strf 9040 Mk0 hulls) showed it missing a Panoramic Sight and Smoke Grenade Launchers. Pictures also show the vehicle was used to trial a camouflage system of spraying a water mist to reduce the vehicles thermal signature. In some footage there appeared to be no Commanders Sight either.

Initial Production Model

CV90120-T Production Model
CV90120-T Production Model

The first version was unveiled in 1998. The vehicle had a Panoramic Sight located in the centre of the turret roof, the Commanders sight appeared to have been modified (or added) and x2 banks of SGL added on either side of the turret.

Upgraded With “Soft Kill” Active Protection

CV90120-T Medium Tank with Active Protection
CV90120-T Medium Tank with Active Protection

Based on a pictured BAE sales .pdf with detailed info, dated 2006, the vehicle featured a new “soft-kill” Active Protection System. This included x4 laser detection sensors (1 per corner of the turret) and new Smoke Grenade Launchers with Multi-Spectral Aerosol to mask against thermal sights etc built into the turrets side rear.

The Sighting systems had also changed. The previous Panoramic Sight was removed and replaced with the a new spherical device. This appears to not only provide radar detection but also includes sighting devices referred to as a Panoramic Sight.

Upgraded With “Hard Kill” AMAP-ADS Active Protection

CV90120 Medium Tank with AMAP-ADS Active Protection
CV90120 Medium Tank with AMAP-ADS Active Protection

In 2007, BAE Systems unveiled at the MSPO 2007 defence exhibit, a CV90120-T complete with the AMAP-ADS Hard Kill Active Protection System. Developed and supplied by Rheinmetal, AMAP-ADS is built-in Sweden by ADS – Gesellschaft für aktive Schutzsysteme mbH.

It is the most effective Hard Kill system due to reaction speed. The manufacturer states it protects against – Anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), Handheld Anti-Tank weapons (including RPG-7), KE projectiles of all calibres, mid and large-caliber APFSDS.

Following this 2006 presentation, BAE presented the vehicle with a new Remote Weapon Station replacing the spherical device.


CV90120 PL-01 Medium Tank
CV90120 PL-01 Medium Tank

A joint project between Polish company OBRUM and BAE, this new “Stealth” tank is based on the CV90120-T. It was unveiled at the International Defence Industry Exhibition in 2013. READ MORE

CV90120-T ADAPTIV “Ghost”

CV90120-T ADAPTIV “Ghost” Medium Tank
CV90120-T ADAPTIV “Ghost” Medium Tank

The latest version of the CV90120-T features a new 120mm smoothbore main gun and the latest innovative camouflage armor technology. READ MORE


Main Gun
120mm CTG 120/L50 Smoothbore Elevation -8 to +22
Secondary Weapons
Coaxial 7.62mm Machine Gun
Ammunition Storage
x45 120mm, x? 7.62mm
Scania DS? 804hp (600Kw) Diesel
Perkins X300 Series x4 speed forward/x2 reverse
Top Road Speed
70 km/h
Road Range
Fuel Capacity
525 litres?
Vertical Obstacle
Water Capability
Trench Crossing
Side Slope
Length Gun Forward
Length Hull
2.4m (Turret Roof)
Ground Clearance
38 tonne combat
NBC Protected
Standard Armor(s) Type
Steel, Laminated
Optional Add-on Armor(s) Type
Active Protection Systems
Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver