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About our Website

Est. 2015 was established in 2015 by TankNutDave who had built a former 1000-page vehicle reference website in 2007.

Our History

After reading comments by contributors/authors of Wikipedia content about their frustration on the lack of references on websites like TankNutDave and visitors wanting specification tables as well as the increased access/availability in research material by 2015, the decision was made to re-brand and build a more professional, in-depth website resulting in

In total Dave has driven, instructed on, crewed and ridden over 75 tanks and tracked fighting vehicles.

Since 2007, Dave has worked as a tank driving instructor teaching thousands of people how to drive tracked AFV’s at a paid driving experience centre. In addition, he is an “H Licence” instructor, which is the category of a driving licence required to drive a tank on the road and has trained employees of the Ministry of Defence such as the former Defence Support Group.

Military Vehicle Shows and Events

Dave has been organising military vehicle shows, for the Military Vehicle Trust and Alvis Fighting Vehicle society for almost 15 years. Open to the public and attended by both hundreds of military vehicle owners and the British Army, Dave has access to hundreds of military vehicles, ranging from Challenger 1 main battle tanks to M4 Shermans to prototype Warrior APC’s and M41 Walker Bulldogs.

Despite having a strong following of ex-service personnel and enthusiasts supporting the website, the majority of the content is generated by TankNutDave.

British Army

Dave has written Fighting Vehicle recognition guides and given lectures on recognition with commendations from NATO and British Army senior officers.

Games Industry

Finally, Dave is the former military vehicle specialist for Obsidian Entertainment working on the game “Armoured Warfare” for several years prior to the publisher switching studios.

In 2023 he joined the team at Armative Studios in developing the new Tank vs Tank MMO Game “Steel Aces” were he over see’s development of the tech trees, historical workbooks and quality controls artists workbooks.