AMX-50 Tank

The French AMX-50 Tank aka AMX 50 was a series of prototypes developed and built by French Company AMX (Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux) and other French Bureaus to meet the requirement for a new modern tank for the French army during Post World War 2....
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Falcon Turret

The Falcon Turret is a former upgrade package developed by the Jordanian King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) which is a Jordanian defense company established in 1999. The project involved the integration of key technology from other countries,...
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AMX-13-105 Tank

Despite having a larger 105mm main gun, the AMX-13-105 Light Tank was not an upgrade for the AMX-13-75, unlike the AMX-13-90 Light Tank, but a new improved manufactured model. The first AMX-13-105 model was the AMX-13/105 Modèle 58, which was well exported and still...
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AMX-13-90 Light Tank

The French AMX-13-90 Light Tank (aka AMX-13/90 Light Tank) is an upgraded version of the earlier AMX-13-75 Light Tank. It retained the same hull and FL-10 oscillating turret (complete with autoloader) as the AMX-13-75, but had a new CN-90-F3 90mm main gun. The new...
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AMX-13-75 Light Tank

The French AMX-13-75 Light Tank was the first of the AMX-13 Tank series. It was initally built with a 75mm main gun and referred to as simply "AMX-13" until production swapped to a new production model with a 90mm main gun, the AMX-13-90 in 1966. In addition, the...
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Object 640 Black Eagle Tank

The Russian Object 640 Black Eagle Tank, was a design developed by the former State owned Omsktransmash manufacturing plant (and its design bureau) in the mid to late 1990’s. The Black Eagle project has generated a high level of speculation as to its existence. Two...
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T-80U Tank

The Russian T-80U Tank was the second major upgrade of the T-80 Main Battle Tank series and is the most common production model exported and featured in the media. It featured improvements in firepower, armor and mobility. The T-80U could be identified quickly by the...
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T-80B Tank

The Russian T-80B Tank was the first major upgrade of the T-80 Main Battle Tank and was the most common production model built. It featured improvements in firepower, such as the ability to fire a radio-guided anti-tank missile and improvements in the vehicles armor....
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Pz 87 WE Leopard 2

The Pz 87 WE Leopard 2 (Werterhaltung) is the most modern version of the Pz 87. The first 2 prototypes were completed in 2003 and featured new armor packages, sighting equipment and Remote Weapon Station. However the actual Pz 87 WE did not recieve the full upgrades...

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Leopard 2 Next Generation Tank

The Leopard 2 Next Generation Tank is a modernisation and upgrade package for the Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tank, developed by Turkish company Aselsan. It was shown to the public for the first time at the  IDEF 2011 Defense expo in Istanbul, Turkey. As of 2016, the...

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MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator

The MBT Advanced Technology Demonstrator is the latest version of the Leopard 2 MBT Revolution upgrade package by Rheinmetall. The MBT Revolution offered modernisation of existing systems and improvements in armored protection for countries operating surplus Leopard...

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Leopard 2 MBT Revolution

The Leopard 2 MBT Revolution is a former upgrade package, developed and manufactured by Rheinmetall for the Leopard 2A4 Tank. A number of sources confuse the Leopard 2 Evolution as the Leopard 2 MBT Revolution. The  IBD Deisenroth Engineering Evolution, which only...

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MBT Evolution

The MBT Evolution was unveiled at the 2014 Eurosatory defence expo held in Paris, France. The MBT Evolution is the latest version of the Leopard 2 Evolution originally by IBD Deisenroth Engineering, but now marketed by Rheinmetall. It should not be confused by the...

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Leopard 2A7 Plus Tank

The Leopard 2A7+ Tank is a German 3rd Generation Main Battle Tank, developed and manufactured by Krauss‐Maffei Wegmann. First unveiled at the 2010 Eurosatory exhibition in France, it was trialled by the German Army and is now in service with the Qatar Armed Forces....

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Type 59 Jaguar Tank

The Type 59 Jaguar Tank is a former upgrade package developed for the Type 59 Tank in a joint project between China and American Company Cadillac Gage. Its targeted market was existing or future Type 59 export clients. Type 59 Jaguar Tank Development During the late...

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Type 59D Tank

The Type 59D Tank is the most modern of the Type 59 Tank models in service with the Chinese PLA (Peoples Liberation Army). The Type 59D is an upgrade package for the PLA’s Type 59 fleet that focused on improvements in firepower and protection, the package was fitted...

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Type 69-QM Tank

The Type 69-QM Tank was the designation used for Chinese Type 69-II tanks in Iraqi service. Iraq was the largest Type 69-II operator with 1500 bought and delivered between 1983 to 1987. It was immediately deployed to the front lines of the Iraq-Iran War 1980 to 1988...

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Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret Description Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret is a hybrid of the Finnish 8x8 wheeled Patria AMV Armoured Modular Vehicle equipped with The Belgium Cockerill CT-CV 105HP 2 man turret. There are currently no operators of this hybrid vehicle....

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Patria AMV Armored Modular Vehicle

Patria AMV Armored Modular Vehicle development started in 1995 as a replacement to the Patria Pasi 6×6 APC aka XA-180 series for the Finnish Army. Trials started in 2003 and orders  for the vehicle were placed in the same year with its Finnish manufacturer, Patria....

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