Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Australian Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) is a modified version of the Boxer IFV, developed to meet the requirements of the Australian Army. In July 2016,  Rheinmetall announced that the Boxer CRV was 1 of 2 vehicles (the other is the Patria AMV35) selected to take part in the 12-month Risk Mitigation Activity for the Australian Army’s “Land 400 Phase 2” combat reconnaissance vehicle program. The Boxer IFV is […]

Rheinmetall Boxer IFV with Lancer Turret

Rheinmetall Boxer IFV

The Rheinmetall Boxer IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) is a member of the 8×8 wheeled, Artec Boxer Family. Continuing with the Artec Boxers modular concept, the Boxer IFV has been fitted with x4 modular turrets. Though not in service with the armies of Germany and the Netherlands, Lithuanian purchased 88 vehicles in August 2016. The Boxer IFV is also being trialled in Australia for the Project Land 400, a program that […]

Artec Boxer APC

Artec Boxer

The Artec Boxer is a modular 8×8 Fighting-Vehicle in service with the Dutch, German and Lithuanian Armies. The Boxer has a unique “Mission Module” capability. The basic vehicle (refered to as “Drive Module”) is the chassis with the forward section containing the engine and Drivers Compartment. Traditionally refered to as family variants, there are x9 Mission Modules available for the Boxer, which can be installed or removed from the Drive […]

Patria AMV35

Patria AMV35

The Patria AMV35 is a hybrid vehicle consisting of “off the shelve components”, namely the Patria AMV 8×8 hull and BAE Systems-Hägglunds CV9035 Turret. On the 28th of July 2016,  BAE Systems-Hägglunds announced that the AMV35 is 1 of 2 vehicles selected to take part in the 12-month Risk Mitigation Activity for the Australian Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 combat reconnaissance vehicle program. Patria AMV35 History Land 400 is a […]

Patria AMV28A

Patria AMV28A

The Patria AMV28A is the latest version of the highly successful Finnish AMV family. Unveiled for IDEX 2017, this new model appears to be developed for amphibious landing operations. It also features the well armed Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace Remote Weapon Station, the PROTECTOR MCT-30 (Protector Medium Caliber Turret). Patria AMV28A Features The AMV28A is based on the standard AMV hull, but features an extended hull for larger size IFV […]

KONGSBERG PROTECTOR MCT-30 Protector Medium Caliber Turret


The PROTECTOR MCT-30 (Protector Medium Caliber Turret) is a Remote Weapon Station developed for Wheeled and Tracked Armored Fighting Vehicles. Developed and manufactured by Norwegian company Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, the MCT-30 has a modular construction, featuring varying levels of armored protection, optional sighting equipment and the ability to mount varying calibre (25 to 50mm) chain-guns. The PROTECTOR MCT-30 has been presented on all the major manufacturers 8×8 fighting vehicles […]

Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle

Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle

The South African Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle, is a licence built version of the Finnish 8×8 wheeled Patria AMV and features the AMICT Modular Turret. It is being manufactured by South African Company Denel Land Systems as a replacement to the long serving Ratel 6×6 Combat Vehicle. Denel have completed extensive modifications to the AMV design, customizing it for South Africa’s unique conditions. This has included additional protection against land […]

HAVOC MPC 8x8 Fighting Vehicle


The HAVOC MPC is a former 8×8 wheeled Fighting Vehicle developed by Finnish Company Patria and US Company Lockheed Martin as a joint project. Based on the Patria AMV and incorporating Lockheed Martin technology, the HAVOC was developed as a joint project for the USMC “Marine Personnel Carrier” (MPC) program. Both companies have withdrawn from the joint project and the HAVOC is no longer offered. HAVOC MPC Development The US […]

Patria NEMO Mortar – NEMO Plus with Remote Weapon Station

Patria NEMO Mortar

The Finnish Patria NEMO Mortar is a sophisticated remotely operated turret, housing a single 120mm mortar barrel. The NEMO was unveiled to the public in 2006 and is in service with a number of countries. It can easily be installed on light, tracked chassis or wheeled armoured Fighting Vehicles. The NEMO is in service with 2 countries, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia. The NEMO is able to fire the complete range […]

AMOS Mortar Turret Firing

AMOS Mortar

The AMOS Mortar System (Advanced MOrtar System), is a turreted, double barreled breech-loading 120mm mortar. Its designed to be mounted on wheeled or tracked APC chassis and on fast combat boats. It is able to operate autonomously with impressive firepower, including direct and indirect fire capability together with Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRSI). AMOS Mortar Development Patria Hägglunds Oy is a subsidiary of the Finnish company Patria (50%) and BAE […]