Centurion Tank Mk13

Centurion Tank

The British Centurion Tank FV 4007, has gone down in history as the most successful Post-World War 2 British Tank. Developed at the end of World War 2 to defeat the German Tiger I Tank, it has served on nearly every major continent with 18 different nations and is still in service with some countries as of 2017. Over 4400 were built and it has been deployed in at least […]

PL-01 Concept Medium Tank

PL-01 Concept

The PL-01 Concept is an advanced Medium Tank developed as a joint project between the Polish Company OBRUM and BAE Systems. Unveiled in 2013, the vehicle is based on the CV90120-T medium tank by BAE Systems (Sweden) and a planned prototype was due to be built for 2016, ready for trials with the Polish Army. Unlike the CV90120-T, the PL-01 Concept features an unmanned turret with a bustle-fed autoloader for […]

CV90120-T Ghost Image #1

CV90120-T Ghost

The Swedish CV90120-T Ghost is the latest version of the CV90120-T medium tank (as described by BAE Systems) and is developed on the highly successful Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) Infantry Fighting Vehicle hull. The CV90120-T Ghost features a new Compact Tank Gun and BAE Systems latest camouflage technology called ADAPTIV, which is so effective it makes the vehicle invisible to hostile thermal imaging systems, earning it the nickname in the […]

CV90120-T Medium Tank


The Swedish CV90120-T is a medium tank (as described by BAE Systems) developed on the highly successful Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) Infantry Fighting Vehicle hull. During the 1990’s and early 2000’s, there was much deliberation over the future need of a Main Battle Tank in a modern army and the perceived requirement being light weight fire support vehicles with the firepower of an MBT. The principle issues facing a medium […]

CV90105 XC-8 105HP

CV90105 XC-8

Unveiled in 2014, the CV90105 XC-8 is the second model of the CV90105 Medium Tank (as described by the manufacturer), the first being the CV90105 TML Turret. It utilizes “off-the shelf” components, the Belgium Cockerill XC-8 105HP Turret and the Swedish BAE Systems AB (formely Hägglunds)  Strf 9040 (Combat Vehicle 90 aka CV90) hull. It offers the flexibility to convert any Mk of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle family into […]

CV90105 TML Turret

CV90105 TML Turret

The First CV90105 was fitted with the French TML Turret The CV90105 TML Turret (aka CV90105-T) is a former medium tank (as described by the manufacturer) demonstrator utilizing “off-the shelf” components, which were the French Giat (now Nexter) TML Turret and the Swedish Hägglunds Mk0 Strf 9040 (Combat Vehicle 90 aka CV90) hull. The first and only demonstrator was completed in 1994. It served a number of purposes, firstly to […]

Al Zarrar Tank without ERA

Al Zarrar Tank

The Al Zarrar Tank is an upgraded version of the Chinese Type 59 Tank in service with the Pakistani Army. Developed in Pakistan, the vehicle has an improved main gun, Fire Control Systems, added protection and increased mobility. A number of prototypes from its development have been displayed at defence expo’s with and without Explosive Reactive Armor. The Al Zarrar Tank has been in service with the Pakistani Army since […]

Type 59 Jaguar Tank

Type 59 Jaguar Tank

The Type 59 Jaguar Tank is a former upgrade package developed for the Type 59 Tank in a joint project between China and American Company Cadillac Gage. Its targeted market was existing or future Type 59 export clients. Type 59 Jaguar Tank Development During the late 1980’s relations between China and the West was at its best it had been for many years, with foreign investment and the freedom of sharing technology. […]

Type 59D Tank

Type 59D Tank

The Type 59D Tank is the most modern of the Type 59 Tank models in service with the Chinese PLA (Peoples Liberation Army). The Type 59D is an upgrade package for the PLA’s Type 59 fleet that focused on improvements in firepower and protection, the package was fitted from 1995 onwards by the Inner-Mongolia First Machine Group Company Limited (617 Factory). Type 59D Tank Firepower The Type 59D has been […]

Type 69 Tank image 1

Type 69-QM Tank

The Type 69-QM Tank was the designation used for Chinese Type 69-II tanks in Iraqi service. Iraq was the largest Type 69-II operator with 1500 bought and delivered between 1983 to 1987. It was immediately deployed to the front lines of the Iraq-Iran War 1980 to 1988 only to meet those Type 69 operated by Iran 3 years later in 1986. Type 69-QM Tank Models Type 69-QM: This was the standard […]