Conqueror Tank Mk1

Conqueror Tank

The British Conqueror Tank FV214 was the last of the Heavy Tanks built by the British. Built to support the medium Centurion Tank with its 120mm main gun, it was built-in 2 Marks (Mk). Both Mk shared the same hull and turret, but with minor modifications. The Mk2 had a revised upper frontal glacis plate welds, a single Drivers sight, revised electrical cabling to the headlights and different exhaust. Despite […]

IS-7 Heavy Tank

IS-7 Tank

IS-7 Tank Development and History The IS-7 Tank was a Russian Heavy Tank designed for breaking through enemy lines. It was another of the IS Tank series aka JS or “Joseph Stalin” Tank. The design phase started in 1945 under the designation Object 230. The Complete development history for the Object 230 shows that there appeared to be 2 designs, possibly due to the relocation of the Kirov’s plant to […]