CV90105 XC-8 105HP

CV90105 XC-8

Unveiled in 2014, the CV90105 XC-8 is the second model of the CV90105 Medium Tank (as described by the manufacturer), the first being the CV90105 TML Turret. It utilizes “off-the shelf” components, the Belgium Cockerill XC-8 105HP Turret and the Swedish BAE Systems AB (formely Hägglunds)  Strf 9040 (Combat Vehicle 90 aka CV90) hull. It offers the flexibility to convert any Mk of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle family into […]

Patria AMV Fitted with CMI Defence CT-CV 105HP Turret image 1

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret

Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret Description Patria AMV CT-CV 105HP Turret is a hybrid of the Finnish 8×8 wheeled Patria AMV Armoured Modular Vehicle equipped with The Belgium Cockerill CT-CV 105HP 2 man turret. There are currently no operators of this hybrid vehicle. Patria AMV Patria AMV Armored Modular Vehicle has been developed to provide modularity in turret systems. It’s in service with 7 countries and manufactured in 4. It […]